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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Links

S-FRAME Analysis R11 New Bi-Directional AutoDesk Revit and Tekla BIM Links

Beginning with S-FRAME R11.0, new bidirectional Revit and Tekla BIM data-sharing links provide extended functionality and improved model persistence between both Revit and Tekla BIM models and the structural analysis model in S-FRAME.

The new Round Tripping feature allows an engineer to import a BIM model into S-FRAME, modify and add additional information, analyze and design within S-FRAME and S-STEEL, and then update the BIM model back in the native Revit or Tekla environment. Data entered in S-FRAME (such as groups, rigid offsets, constraints, lumped masses, and many more) not understood by Revit or Tekla are retained in the S-FRAME model while round-tripping over consecutive import cycles.

Revit® and S-FRAME Link

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Autodesk Revit to S-FRAME BIM links   Revit BIM link  
Revit 2012, 2014, and 2014 support for Beam, Column, Wall, Floor, Beam System, Truss, Load and Load Case/Combination.


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tekla to s-frame bim links   s-view image from tekla bim link import  
Tekla 18.0, 18.1 and 19.0 support for Beam, Column, Wall, Slab, Load and Load Case/Combination. Features real time updates.

New Features in S-FRAME R11 BIM Links

Transfers Interface Features
Connectivity by assembling column/beam end locations and floor/wall polygon point locations into shared joints Preview mappings before import or export
Member geometry, angle, end releases, section & material properties Detailed summary report including errors and warnings
Panel geometry, thickness and material properties Option to select which element types to import or export
Loads and Load Cases/Combinations Step by step wizard interface and integrated help window
Section Mapping Export Features
Persistently map Revit families or Tekla profile shapes to S-FRAME databases Support for sloped columns, beams, walls and floors
Persistently map Revit families or Tekla profile shapes to parametric sections if they are not found in S-FRAME databases Support for walls and floors with holes
Auto calculate parametric section properties, including concrete sections of any size, with the S-CALC engine Automatic meshing of floors and walls
Mapping control on a shape type or section by section basis Automatic S-FRAME group folder creation